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Was Gerry Francis Right?

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    nice one nodge i wont upset you again because you know your stuff
    and w all love you


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      Originally posted by Nodge70 View Post
      Originally Posted by dexterforengland
      nodge firstly i do owe you a apology we both know one day i did ovestep my mark a bit there
      i do apologies and retract the statement that i made that you were a newspaper reporter
      ok nodge ive read a lot of your stuff and you seem to know what your talking about
      yes the players loved sousa but that dosnt mean he was a good manager
      he didnt have the know how
      you think that we should be proud of getting nil nil results in this division we should be ashamed of getting nil nil results in this division

      Okey dokey....friends again....

      I'll give you a couple of Panini stickers at playtime!
      The first post from Dexter I have read in a while and yes I can confirm that he still speaks utter tosh! From a man that don't go to home games, that doesn't visit the training ground and has no communication with any of the players, and yet he speaks with such vast knowledge in saying "yes the players loved sousa but that dosnt mean he was a good manager he didnt have the know how". You know that for a fact do you? Is it a figure of speech in you saying 'the players' as in all the players or was it a selection of them that loved him... Care to name those players then and how you got this info? I know you know sod all and that your talking utter crap but I would just love to hear this tosh your gunna come up this time... Or let me guess was it Tom, Dick or Harry from Northolt who told you in the pub!

      If Dexter replies could someone please re-post it using the quotes as I'm not removing him from my ignore list. I seriously can only take him in small doses! Thanks.


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          Originally posted by dexterforengland View Post
          Dont know if that helps, but that was his reply
          Win or lose, on the booze


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            Dex,you gotta look at the positives mate,we've got one of the best defences in the league.All we have to do is get the midfield to be more attack minded and support the front players!!!!Job Done!!!
            I came here to chew gum and kick ass,and I'm all outta gum!


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              Andy the fish

              YES andy spot on its nice to see a bit of positivity lets buy simon cox


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                Gerry is, as per, spot on.
                We're Queens Park Rangers, we rule supreme